Bull Power Testo Tabs
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Bull Power Testo Tabs

Camagra is a natural variant of the well-known Kamagra erection pill. However, Camagra only contains natural ingredients. So you can safely use it without the side effects of a prescription drug. Camagra is one of the lightest pills in our range and therefore also the cheapest per capsule. Ideal if you have little experience with natural erection pills and want to try them out.

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Bull Power Testo Tabs - This product contains a powerful combination of ancient and global ingredients to increase your performance when necessary. The ingredients are collected worldwide and are clinically proven to help boost various areas of sexual performance for a large number of years. Efficiency is due to a mixture of specially selected ingredients. These powerful natural ingredients help increase blood flow to the penis, helping men obtain stronger, longer-lasting erections.

How to use Bull Power Testo Tabs?
Take 3 tablets once a day with plenty of water.

What ingredients or Camagra content?
Ingredients for 3 tablets: Cellulose (enchimento), 300 mg Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus), 240 mg Panax ginseng, 200 mg Tribulus terrestris, 200 mg L-arginine, emulsifier: E466, anticoagulant agent: E570, 50 mg folha de Damian ( Turnera diffusa), 50 mg salsaparrilha trutheira (Smilax) or cinalis), 50 mg Cinzas waganda (Withania somnifera), 22.5 mg Vitamin E (DL-alpha-to copheryl acetate) (188% RDA*), anti-caking agents: E572 , E551, emulsifiers: E464, E463, 10 mg zinc (zinc oxide) (100% RDA*), 6 mg vitamin B5 (calcium D-pantothenate) (100% RDA*), 1.8 mg Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) (129% RDA*), 1 mg copper (copper(II) sulfate) (100% RDA*), 30 µg selenium (sodium selenate) (55% RDA*), vidragem: E903, corantes: E171, E133. * RDA = recommended daily amount. It contains vitamin E, mineral and amino acid preparation.

Product intended exclusively for adults.
If you experience any symptoms, consult your doctor or health technician before taking this supplement.
Do not take more than 3 tablets in 24 hours. Do not exceed the recommended daily serving.
This product is not a substitute for a varied diet.
Store at a temperature below 25ºC in a dry place.
Keep out of reach of children.