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XTRM® SNFFR® the amplifier for all poppers fans!

Just screw it on and you have the hottest sound.

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Absolute novelty

Also never seen before

With these new inhalers from SNFFR you can enjoy your popper with much more intensity. With two openings for increased intensity.

Compatible with 24ml and 25ml large poppers (except thin and metal bottles)

This SNFFR is only suitable for small bottles with a diameter at the bottle end.

They were invented in 2019 and the SNFFR are a registered product with the German Patent Office, we produce them ourselves in Austria.

This guarantees consistent quality and fast delivery times.

With the SNFFR ® the blood circulation is fantastic and absolutely brilliant, the aroma even more intense, finer and many times more relaxed.

Advantages of the SNFFR:

  • no contact with the aroma
  • the aroma is even more intense, finer and many times more relaxed
  • no skin irritation or redness on the nose or skin
  • XTRM SNFFR suitable for all common bottles
  • Examples of this are shown here
  • simply unscrew the poppers lid and screw our SNFFR on top, done, after use simply screw the PP lid back on.
  • Due to our continuously developed 2-hole system, the aroma gets a dreamlike circulation and the effect of the so-called kick is there.

An unprecedented and significantly improved handling and effect of the popper. 

Safety note: Approach carefully. Do not tip the bottle, the SNFFR by XTRM are not leak-proof. The SNFFR® does not need to be washed, do not expose to excessive heat.

Bottle not included

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